Tuesday, April 17, 2012

knife number "7" FOR SALE

This is the first knife I am offering for sale: it is a fixed blade 9" total length, 4.25" handle and 4.75" blade. The blade is made from a high-carbon 1/4" thick steel file, carbon-fire softened in my forge at 1600 degrees, hand-worked and straight ground (for incredible strength- I dont hollow ground my steel file knives, it would defeat the purpose for using a file!). It was the double hardened and double tempered in a carbon fire after working to keep that razor edge. It comes sharpened but not razor sharpened-I will leave that to you! The blade is mirror polished in the ground and the file is left intact on the remining blade. This will get looks! The bolster is solid bar brass with 2 brass pins and polished to a mirror finish. The pins are my own custom mosiac pin with 3 pieces of tie-wire steel and 3 copper wires in a 5/16 brass tube with black-tinted epoxy. The handle material is 200 yr old heart of pine, aged 100 yrs recovered from the floor of my 1915 florida cracker house. IT IS SO HARD YOU CANNOT DRIVE A NAIL INTO IT. The spacer if blue and white fibre material.You can see this is one unique knife. It also has a 3/8" lanyard brass tube at the hilt as a pull. I always include a parachute cord pull with decorative wooden ball with my knives, which can be removed or replaced at your pleasure. Enclosing this masterpiece is a custom leather sheath, dyed and handstitched by me for this one knife. It has a stitched 45 degree belt loop to sit high on the side, right hand and rear right hand. It is numbered "7" on the handle near the lanyard. It is stamped "TAYLOR"  on the blade side of the brass bolster.
 This one of a kind knife is priced at 475.00. REPRICED AT 425.00 INCLUDES LINED DISPLAY BOX AND CERT OF AUTHENTICITY

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