Tuesday, April 17, 2012

knife #3 FOR SALE

This is one of my earliest knives-my first hammered steel file knife! It is 8.75" long with a 5" blade. The blade is a forged and hand-hammered high-carbon steel filewith carbon added in a wood fired forge. It is convex ground to keep the characteristics of the forging process on the blade and to make it as strong as a blade can possibly be. Charcoal fire hardened and quenched in synthetic motor oil and double tempered in a charcoal fire for impressive strenth and razor edge. The blade was the filed all the way arpound except on the cutting edge with a vine pattern. The guards is solid brass stock mirror polished. The spacers are red fibre at the guard and sheet brass under the scales against the full tang. The mosiac pins asre my custom made 18 strand copper wire in a 5/16" brass tube filled with black-tinted epoxy. The scales are stabilised walnut with many coats of handrubbed tung oil and danish oil. The lanyard tube is a generous 3/8" brass tube. I include a parachute cord lanyard with wood bead pull, which you can remove or replace at your pleasure. The sheath is hand stitched and designed and constructed for this knife by me. The front is fully stamped and dyed, and the rear has a stitched belt loop at 45% for a high right draw or a high right rear draw.

I am offering this beautiful unique knife at only $400.00.

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