Tuesday, April 17, 2012

knife #10 FOR SALE

(SOLD) Here is a unique knife for the serious collector. The overall length us 10" with a 5 " blade and 5" handle. The blade is a 1/4" thick Johnson bastard file softened at 1600 degrees in my forge, worked and ground with a straight or "V" grind on the blade ( I always use this grind on files to make a TOUGH blade!). It is then double hardened and oil-quenched and tempered twice for a strong and sharp blade. The blade is then polished on the grind area to a mirror finish and the file lines are left on the non-grind area (any seeing it KNOWS this was a file steel blade!).  The bolster is solid brass stck polished to a mirrior finish. The spacers are white blue white spacer material.The mosiac pin is my custom 3 steel tie-wire rods with 3 copper wires in a 5/16" tube of black-tinted epoxy. There are 9 brass pins in the handle, 4 thru the tang. The lanyard tube is 5/16 brass. I include a parachute cord lanyard with a wood bead pull, which you can remove or replace at your pleasure. The scales on this knife is reclaimed and repurposed 200 yr old heart of pine fron the floor of my 98 yr old florida cracker house. So it has aged for at least 100 yrs. I then stabilished it for 3 weks in wood hardner. IT IS HARD! The custom sheath is designed and hand-stitched and stamped by me for this knife. The belt loop is stitched at 45 % for a right hand high draw or right hand high back draw. The number "10" is stamped into the handle near the lanyard tube, and "TAYLOR" is stamped into the brass bolster near the blade.

Own this awesome knife priced at 425.00. SOLD

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