Tuesday, April 17, 2012

knife #6 FOR SALE

This is agreat knife made from a Nicholson bastard file! ( I left the file stamp on both sides of the blade above the aluminum boster). The file was softened in a carbon fire to 1600 degrees in my forge the worked by hand and ground to a straight grind (for incredible strength). The grind area is mirror polished and the rest of the blade is left with the file lines at about 50 percent ht.It is sharpened but you can bring this knife to its razor edge potential! The bolster is solid aluminum with a brass pin thru the blade. The mosiac pin is my own custom 3 steel tie-wire rods with 3 copper wires in a 5/16" brass tube of black-tinted epoxy. There are 2 brass pins thru the handle and blade tang. The yanyard tube is 3/8" brass. as always i include a parachute cord lanyard pull with wood bead, which you can remove or replace at you pleasure. The wood handle is 200 yr old heart of pine repurposed  from the floor of my 1915 florida cracker house. IT IS HARD! It was hardened for 3 weeks in wood hardner and polished with multiple coats of tung oil and danish oil to a rocklike appearance.It looks more like tigerwood than pine but it is MUCH harder and more beautiful (not to mention unique!) Normal pine is too soft for a high-end knife but this woos is a new animal! Then there is the sheath: custom stiched and constructed for this knife by me ithas a low-slung belt loop and a leg tie to keep it secure from matching parachute cord. It is also dyed and totall stamped by hand for finished appearance. Number "6"is stamped on the handle near the lanyard tube and "TAYLOR" is stamped on the bolster.

You cant go wrong with this heirloom, priced to sell at $200.00.

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