Friday, November 9, 2012

Saturday, September 29, 2012

sneak peek at new knife...

heres a sneak peek at my new knife "White Fang". It willbe finished soon, no sheath yet or display box. It is made of 1095 spring steel forged from a trailer leaf spring, also the bolsters. The handle is ebony with rice paper corian and my homemade mosiac pins, with white, black and blue spacers.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

watch the diminator being built! I posted a 3 video set of the dominator from start to finish.

Own the Legend!

The Dominator is for sale:includes the knife,a lined case (sheath is stored in bottom of box), pull lanyard, and certificate of authenticity.
Price is 625. I accept Paypal, check or moneyorder. Checks must clear before shipping.
Closeups of the Dominator...
here are the long awaited pics of my new knife. I call this knife "The Dominator" for its scary futuristic look. Its a custom design. enjoy!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

to contact me

if you are interested in any of the knives you see here, unless they are listed on ebay and have bids, you can contact me at As you can see, my boss is very busy...

knife #8 FOR SALE


WOW! this is one great knife! not for the faint of heart. this knife is a whopping 11.5" overall length with a 6.75" blade. It has a high carbon steel file blade, softened in a charcoal fire to 1600 degrees in my forge and worked and ground with a "v" or "straight" blade grind for incredible blade strength. The blade was then double-hardened in the forge using a wood charcoal fire, and quenched in synthetic motor oil. It was then deferentially tempered twice in the forge and cooled in dry ice for an incredible strength and flexibility. The ground portion of the blade was mirror-finished while the unground portion was left in the file format, including the spine. the bolsters are solid stock brass with 5 pins in the guard and 2 pins in the bolster. The 3 Mosaic pins are my custom mosaics-3 steel tie wire rods with 3 copper wires in a 5/16" brass tube filled with black-tinted epoxy. All the brass is mirror polished. 3/8" lanyard brass tube. I include a para cord lanyard with wood bead pull, which you can remove, replace at your pleasure. The handle scales are the incredible burl i discovered in my neighbors brush pile-a one in a million find! It is incredible in its fire, flames, colors-Ive never seen anything like it! it was stabilised for 3 weeks in wood hardener and given many coats of tung oil and danish oil rubbed in. The spacers are white fibre. The sheath is also one of a kind! stiff, to protect this treasure of a knife. DON'T RUB IN OIL-JUST POLISH WITH CORDOVAN SHOE WAX IF IT EVER NEEDS IT! The sheath is custom designed and stitched by me for this knife with a cut-out to show off the incredible handle and a high 45% stitched belt loop for a high right hand carry or high rear right hand carry. It is dyed and stamped to be as beautiful and unique as the knife. A 3/8" brass leg lanyard tube allows you to tie the sheath to your leg for better stability ( and matches knife lanyard).

This timeless beauty is correctly priced at $525.00