Tuesday, April 17, 2012

knife #22 FOR SALE

This gorgeous knife is hard to part with- it is 8" total length-3.75" handle and 4.25" blade. The blade is 3/16" hand hammered high-carbon file steel in my forge at 1400-1600 degrees with carbon added. it is hand ground in a straight grind for strength . it was double hardened in a carbon fire and oil-quenched. It was double tempered in a carbon fire to keep the keen edge and toughness. it was then polished to a brilliant mirror finish. "TAYLOR" is hand stamped on the right side of the blade. the bolster is solid brass stock with 4 brass pins polished to a mirror finish. The pin is my custom Mosaic comprised of 3 tie-wire steel rods and 3 copper wires in a 5/16" brass tube of black-tinted epoxy. The spacers are white and red fibre material. The lanyard tube is brass. The handle material is truly unique. One day i was walking by my neighbors yard and noticed a recently removed benjamin howardae tree had been removed and placed in a brush pile. The root ball was looking real interesting to me. I guesstimated the tree at 50 yrs old and I had noticed it had been dead about a year before removal. I took a chance and took it home. After cutting it apart I saw the most incredible burl I had ever seen! intense, colorful and super flames! After slicing and dicing the root ball I ended up with scales for about 5 knives! I hardened the scales for 3 weeks in wood hardener and put them aside. This is the first knife made from that wood! It is awesome in detail and the flames and colors are unique. It sands to a rock-like finish and danish oil makes it POP! As always in include a parachute cord pull with a wood bead u can remove or replace at your pleasure. it is numbered "22" on the handle near the lanyard tube. The sheath is a hand-stitched custom sheath with a window to reveal the unique handle and Mosaic pin. died and stamped to create as unique a sheath as the knife.

I am selling this work of art at only 575.00. This is truly a once in a lifetime knife for the serious collector. REPRICED AT 525.00 INCLUDES LINED DISPLAY BOX AND CERT OF AUTHENTICITY.

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